Community Dream Builders


At Community Dream Builders we are self-directed, enthusiastic professionals with a passionate commitment to organizational development and the learning experience. We are skilled in the design of challenging, enriching, and innovative activities that address the diverse interests and needs of company and community goals. We are recognized as a leader with strong planning, organization, and Implementation skills. We possess outstanding communication skills, proven leadership abilities in working as a team, handling multiple tasks, great adaptability to any enterprise's environment. We are active team members who effectively collaborates with all levels of staff members and establishes quality relationships with personnel.

With evidence based approaches Community Dream Builders will provide your organization with the help it needs to develop programs that will effectively engage and inspire the youth your organization serves. Please use the drop down manual above to view our services. We look forward to you enjoying the Community Dream Builder's Experience!


Leaving It Behind

Rock & Run
Lockwood Legends In-Residence Artist Initiative